Leitat Technological Center and Fundació FCBarcelona through the Medical Services of the Club, decided to set out a common initiative to encourage research activities related to sport. As a result of this common goal, in 2009 both foundations created the MuscleTech Network. With the same aim, since 2013, Leitat develops this activity through Fundació Leitat.

Leitat Façana 2

The aim of Fundació Leitat is to launch and strengthen scientific research, innovation, technological development and the promotion and dissemination of the scientific culture into society.

LEITAT Foundation’s mission is the promotion of R+D+i within different economic industries. The main objectives:

  1. Establish long-term collaboration activities with research centers
  2. Exploit the generated knowledge
  3. Focus efforts on specific strategic research lines

The general activities carried out are:

  1. Basic Biomedical Research
  2. Fostering access to and deployment of new technologies
  3. Ensuring the excellence and added value of the generated products and services
  4. Exchange of information between the Foundation and other similar organizations

Centre médic FCB

Fundació FCBarcelona is the tool by which FCBarcelona develops projects and with the experience obtained in the sport field and the values, proposes programs to transmit positive values to childhood and youth.

Medical Services of FC Barcelona were founded in 1971 to achieve these basic objectives:

  1. Help athletes to promote health and peak athletic performance
  2. Prevention and resolution of optimal injuries and health problems

These services are focused on 2,000 athletes in 14 sports

  1. The different aspects worked on are:
  2. Education programs for players
  3. Health Control of athletes
  4. Guidance and control programs of sports performance
  5. Labour Occupational Health Programs
  6. Diagnosis, treatment, recovery and prevention of sports injuries

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