The “Workshop Muscletech” Congress is the communication and dissemination platform to discuss and to get the public interested in medical research results and their application to clinical practice for the treatment of muscle and tendon injuries.

Presenters and attendees are specialists. They analyze, explore and reveal, for two days, new ways to enhance cooperation between groups of hospital and university research.

It is a forum for meeting and discussion multidisciplinary activities (surgery, orthopedics, traumatology, physiotherapy, chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology, physical education, etc..) And international (participating specialists from Europe, North America, Latin America, Australia, Middle East …)

  1. Innovate and transform the usual clinical practice and be of service to the scientific community a forum for meeting and discussion.
  2. Enhancing cooperation between international research groups
  3. Facilitate the creation of new partnerships
  4. Identify new opportunities and address scientific challenges on skeletal muscle and tendon
  5. Present results of coordinated actions that manages MuscleTech Network on diseases, disorders and injuries musculesqueléticas
  6. Suggest future research lines
  7. The realization ( daily medical practice ) new methods of prevention , diagnosis and treatment of muscle and tendon injuries for both sports and society in general
  8. Communicating a broad range of issues related damage, muscle and tendon repair and recovery
  9. Promote discussion
  10. Encourage dialogue
  11. Communicating success stories and best practices in the transfer of research results
  12. Improve the quality of life (prevention , rehabilitation and recovery ) of people affected by musculoskeletal diseases
  13. Solve muscle and tendon problems with impact on society
  14. Create synergies among scientific research groups
  15. Innovate and develop new lines of research for physical activity in leisure time and among senior citizens
  16. Internationalize and share developments internationally through a knowledge and contacts network
  17. Communicate and disseminate through practical applications and solutions for the general public
  18. Transfer of technology and knowledge to business: new products and innovative services

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