Practicing sports is a key factor to favour welfare and human life quality, ensure better health at all ages and improve the human ageing process. In the human body, the ensemble muscle and tendon is essential for mobility in all its applications, including sport.

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For this reason, increasing knowledge on muscle and tendon and treatment and prevention of lesions is very important to improve life quality of people and, especially, groups like sportsmen, aged people, children and teenagers.

The initiative arises from the necessity of converting the medical innovation into actual practical application (medical practice) of our health-related assistance. Research and medical practice are influenced mutually, but sometimes the results from research take some time in being available for all population. Communication mechanisms are necessary among researchers, physicians and doctors so that they do not work separately.

The MuscleTech Network net is the meeting point to ensure the sharing of the progress and discoveries on this field among the interested people and professionals involved.

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